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  • The Most Important Exception To Owner/Contractor Liability For Worksite Accidents in NY Although much has been written about the automatic, or near-automatic, liability of an owner or contractor for a worker's injuries that were sustained at a construction or worksite that resulted from a gravity-related danger or due to their failure to furnish the worker with proper safety equipment (see, e.g., "How To Prove A Construction Site Accident Case" and "Construction Accident Liability Under New York Law"), there is an important exception to this rule, which is known as "the homeowners' exemption." For additional information on this topic and other quality, Free information related construction accident cases in New York generally, please visit, or call Long Island Construction Site Accident lawyer Jonathan Cooper directly at his office at 516.791.5700.
  • Police Must Still Drive Responsibly, Even When Responding To Emergency, NY High Court Holds Long Island, New York author of The New York Accident Book, Jonathan Cooper discusses a recent and important decision from New York's Court of Appeals that placed strict limits on a police officer's rights to rely upon certain provisions of the Vehicle and Traffic Law that give them greater latitude in the care they must show while driving.
  • Why It's So Important To Investigate Your Child's Negligence Claim BEFORE You File Suit in NY In this article, Long Island, New York child injury attorney Jonathan Cooper uses a recent decision from a Queens County judge to highlight how proper investigation of a claim before filing suit could have saved a child's personal injury claim from being dismissed. For additional information on this and related topics, please download a copy of Jonathan Cooper's Free eBook entitled "Why Most Accident Victims Do Not Recover the Full Value of Their Claim" from or
  • In New York City, Who Is Liable For A Defective Curb? In this article, Long Island, New York trip and fall lawyer Jonathan Cooper discusses who is legally responsible for a defective curb under New York law. For additional information on this topic, and how accident cases are evaluated and handled under New York law, please order a copy of Jonathan Cooper's Guide to New York accident cases, Why Most Accident Victims Do Not Recover the Full Value of Their Claim from
  • The 5 Ways To Prove Your Defective Products Claim Under New York Law In this blog article, published author of Why There Are So Few Successful Defective Products Lawsuits, and Long Island, New York products liability lawyer Jonathan Cooper explains the 5 essential causes of action, or claims, that are typically brought in lawsuits involving a dangerous product that caused personal injuries. For additional information, please visit