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Long Island & Queens, New York personal injury attorney Jonathan Cooper has published numerous educational articles on these topics. By way of background, Jonathan Cooper is the published author of the Free book on New York accident claims, "Why Most Accident Victims Do Not Recover the Full Value of Their Claim," as well as the New Yorker's guide to defective product claims, "Why Are There So Few Successful Defective Products Lawsuits?"

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  • Big Law Firms Begin to Mull Alternatives to the Billable Hour In this article, New York City commercial litigation attorney Jonathan Cooper analyzes an article from the New York Times which discusses how some large law firms, after decades of operating exclusively on a hourly billing basis, are now finally starting to offer their small business clients different fee options. Mr. Cooper questions why the large law firms are only beginning to mull doing so now, out of necessity, when smaller law firms that cater to small businesses and commercial clients, have always offered such alternative, client-first fee arrangements. The Law Offices of Jonathan Cooper has offices centrally located in Midtown Manhattan and the South Shore of Long Island. To discuss your small business' legal needs or for additional FREE reports on small business commercial litigation matters in New York, please contact his main Cedarhurst office at 516-791-5700.
  • Does the Struggling Economy Cause a Rise In Employee Theft and Fraud? In this article, New York small business and commercial litigation attorney Jonathan Cooper analyzes the flaws in several studies by fraud experts that correlate a rise in employee theft, including the stealing of trade secrets with the economic recession. For more information, please contact Jonathan Cooper at his main office in Long Island at 516-791-5700.
  • January 2009 Newsletter This is a downloadable .pdf copy of Jonathan Cooper's firm newsletter for January 2009.
  • Deposition of Plaintiff in Brooklyn Dangerous Oven Cleaner Case The deposition transcript in this defective products lawsuit shows the plaintiff's incredible claim that even though she used this caustic oven cleaner to remove stubborn grease from pots, pans and stoves, she did not realize that this product was dangerous.
  • Should Good Samaritans Be Held Liable for their Negligence In NY? In a fascinating op-ed piece, personal injury attorney Mark Williams argues that there are circumstances where a Good Samaritan should be held liable rather than insulated from liability for their actions, particularly where they demonstrate negligence or gross negligence. This article compares the California Supreme Court's decision on this issue to New York law.
  • Selecting the Best Law Firm for Your Small Business in a Down Economy In this down economic climate, it is more important than ever to assure that you carefully select the best lawyer for your small business, particularly if you have a civil litigation or breach of contract matter in New York. Often, your small business's interests will be better-served by hiring a small law firm rather than a large law firm, as the smaller firm can more efficiently direct the litigation, and generally has greater flexibility to crafting creative billing solutions to conform with your budget and needs.