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Actress Files Suit for $1 Million over Alleged Breach of Contract

Posted on Jan 01, 2016

Actress Elena Aroaz filed a $1 million lawsuit against a producer of a commercial made for a law firm, accusing the producer of breach of contract. Aroaz was paid $600 by the firm, Levinson Trachtenberg, along with one additional payment. She was hired to portray a victim in a wrongful injury case in a law firm’s commercial. The commercial was to air in a 30-second ad in 2009 for a period of one year. Aroaz alleges that the terms of the agreement dictated that the ad would air only on local cable TV.

After the ad began to air, it became a national sensation. The producer then licensed the advertisement and the rights to Aroaz’s image to several other law firms throughout the country. Aroaz claims that she had no knowledge of these actions. Since that time, Aroaz further accuses the law firm of selling the commercial licensing rights and the rights to her image to several other US law firms. Aroaz’s images were used on massive billboards nationwide, including New Mexico, Washington, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Kansas, South Carolina, and Colorado. Aroaz further alleges that the producer made $250,000 from her work without compensating her.

In 2012, Levinson Trachtenberg sent Aroaz one additional payment of $1,500 after she confronted them about the unauthorized use of her image. Following that payment, Aroaz alleges that she discovered the law firm had paid the producer $20,000 for the licensing rights.

In Aroaz’s suit, she asks for compensation in the amount of nearly $1 million. 

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