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Yankees Reportedly Trying to Void Their NY Contract with A-Rod

Posted on Jan 01, 2016

Major League Baseball franchise the New York Yankees are looking into whether they can void their existing contract with superstar Alex Rodriguez. It was revealed in late January that the Yankees’ first baseman has ties with a Miami anti-aging clinic. The clinic, Biogenesis, is alleged to have sold performance-enhancing drugs to several major league baseball players. The contract between the Yankees and Rodriguez has five years remaining on it, along with a payout of $114 million. It was signed in 2007 and called for a ten-year term with a total payout of $275 million.

Currently, the legal team for the franchise is analyzing whether the organization’s failure to take action when it first learned of Rodriguez’s steroid use could impact their ability to terminate the contract. In 2009, Rodriguez admitted to having used performance enhancing drugs between 2001 and 2003 while playing for the Texas Rangers. The team may have to rely on other reasons to attempt to void the contract.

Also hindering the attempted termination is the fact that Major League Baseball is still in the process of investigating Biogenesis and its former operator, Anthony Bosch. The Yankees will need to wait on the results from that investigation before it can take action. Further, under the Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program, first-time offenders can be punished only with a 50-game suspension. 

Rodriguez continues to deny that he has any past or current relationship with Mr. Bosch or Biogenesis.

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