To be sure, the news reports on this story involving Gabby Green give very limited details, and I'm sure the school, who is apparently in the process of being sued by the parents of this child, will have a lot to say in their own defense, if only to deny that they had any krnowledge of the problem, or to dispute the contention that some of their own staff was involved in the bullying.

But make no mistake; the nature of the messages that this girl was receiving from her peers is chilling.

How Bad the Bullying of this Particular Teen Girl Became


Is it normal for teens (or anyone for that matter) to repeatedly urge someone that they know is going through a tough time that

"Nobody likes you ... You should just kill yourself."

These kids encouraged this girl, Gabbie Green, to hang herself and said 

"If you’re going to do it, just do it."

That was followed up by these teens creating and posting memes of her with a gun to her head.

Has the World Become That Different?

I certainly witnessed, and was subject to, my fair share of bullying when I was a teenager. Candidly, however, I never witnessed anything approaching the scope and severity of the bullying we're seeing in these news stories now.

Naturally, that makes me question: What is going wrong with the education of these teens who are absolutely merciless in their bullying?

Are they individual "bad seeds," or is there something more widespread that is amiss in the parenting and schooling of these children, who seem to lack a fundamental moral compass?


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Angela Irrizary 05/14/2018 06:45 AM
I absolutely am in agreement with the statement made that this bullying problem is more widespread than people think. I am in full agreement as well, that children lack a basic fundamental "moral compass". I believe that all the mores, values and overall etiquette begins at the very base of the home. Parents do not teach their kids moral conducts of how to behave or the child simply learns what he/she witness the behavior of their parent, hence "the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree". I further believe that the government, or City should be responsible for damages because, if there had been laws in effect to deter these kinds of behaviors, then this would have been a second "safety net" that would've taught these kids a lesson that these kinds of behavior or unacceptable in a civilized society. (If the kids want to behave this way, then there's a place called JAIL in which this violent behavior would then be acceptable when confined in its proper environment. Hence, the home (parents) are responsible for their own children. However, the Government should step in as a second attempt to curtail this type of behavior. Stronger bullying laws are in no doubt needed. Someone must be held accountable to bullying . Today, no one is held accountable. Not the child, not the parent , not the school, and not even the government.
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