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Testimonials From Our Non-Compete, Business Litigation, and School Negligence Clients

Choosing a lawyer is a big decision, and we want you to feel confident in the quality of your legal representation. Refer to these client testimonials to learn how we’ve helped New Yorkers like you resolve their non-compete, business litigation, and school negligence cases, then contact our office to learn how we can assist with your legal needs.

In response to our client satisfaction survey, one of our clients, whose breach of contract case we were defending, and was recently settled for less than 7% of the claim lauded his experiences with our office, and got right to the point, stating as follows:

"Professional, great communication, a pleasure to deal with."

From our perspective, you can't really ask for more than that.

Straight shooter, no time waisted. Jonathan Cooper helped me understand my options available and not only current liability but also potential for future issues. Thank you Mr. Cooper.

Jonathan was fair in his business dealings, judicious in his advice, and friendly in his manner. I've already recommended him to friends who faced the same issue that I did.

Jonathan Cooper has represented us on a rather complex case. Here's my overall review: 1) He is very fairly priced, not not just per hour... Based on the amount of work he did versus what our previous attorney did, it ended up costing us about 80% less than what we paid for our previous attorney. 2) He is very hands on. He gets the full picture and comprehends the minute details very quickly which ends up saving a lot of time, headaches and of course money. 3) His work is very professional. 4) Finally and most importantly, his advise to us was purely based on what he believed was most beneficial to us, and not what would bring him more billable hours. Once you get to know him you see that that's just the kind of person he is - honest and straightforward!

Joseph Weiss

Jonathan is a terrific lawyer and a great person. We have consulted and worked together on several matters. I have found him to be extremely knowledgable and a zealous and effective advocate for his clients. I highly recommend him.


We knew we had a very serious breach of contract when the buyers signed the contract and failed to close after six months ... I spoke with a number of attorneys, and read numerous articles by attorneys who claim to specialize in contract breaches. However, Attorney Jonathan Cooper's articles eclipsed all others in terms of content, readability and, most of all, they were very specific about New York's breach of contract laws.

Peggy W

I reached out to Jonathan based on an article he wrote on his website about non-compete agreements in New York. John provided the expert advice I needed to feel comfortable with a litigation involving my former company. He also made me feel comfortable that I did not take any malicious activity against my firm and as a result had very little to worry about. If you are in a sticky situation with a non-compete and you feel like your company is illegitimately bullying you around with your non-compete, Jonathan is the New York State litigation attorney to call.


Jonathan defended us against a lawsuit relating to a non-compete. He was professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. I hope to never get sued again but if I do, I would call Jonathan before anyone else.


Jonathan provided my company with wonderful advice and assistance in resolving a complex nuisance breach of fiduciary duty and breach of contract action by a former consultant. He was extremely competent and professional. He guided us through the process to achieve the most cost effective resolution without going to trial. I would highly recommend him.

David B.

Thank you so much, Mr. Cooper. My family deeply appreciated you helping us during our time of need. We will always remember you when we need an Excellent lawyer.


Your website turned out to be of great assistance to me. Beyond issues with the school. 

I downloaded your book which contained very good information regarding these types of cases. 

They say everything happens for a reason. I'm happy to have come across the information that you've provided for free. 


"I do want to thank you for answering me so promptly, and giving me an honest opinion. I hope I never suffer another injury - this one was bad enough - but should anyone I know need a good lawyer, I'm happy to send them your way."

Claudia S.

"I appreciate what you have done and your online information is a boon to the average citizen."


Dear Jonathan:

I meant to write you last week to thank you for responding to my inquiry, so I apologize for the delay.  I did find the information on your website very helpful; I think it's a great resource for lawyers and laypeople alike. Also, I think you do a great job explaining complex legal principles in a way regular people can understand.  I find it especially helpful as a lawyer who practices part-time (I manage my father's non-law business); it helps me keep up-to-date with regional changes in the legal landscape.

Best Regards,

Anil Taneja

I first met Jonathan several years ago when we represented co-defendants in a products liability case.  Jonathan quickly impressed me as a savy strategist and a vigorous and thorough advocate.  He was a tough adversary, but was collegial, and we worked constructively on behalf of our respective clients.  Jonathan hits hard on the issues, but is fair and courteous to his adversaries.  As dedicated as Jonathan is to his profession, he impresses me most because he places faith and family first.

J. Wiener

Jonathan Cooper is not just the best personal injury lawyer in New York; he is the best lawyer period."

Anissa F.

Jonathan is brilliant, diligent, aggressive, and ethical which is why I do not hesitate to refer clients and other lawyers to him.  Jonathan meets or exceeds the toughest expectations.

Richard S. Mills, Esq.


I had the pleasure of working with Jonathan on some appeals and complex motions several years ago, and found him to be a highly skilled and very professional attorney.  He is tireless in his efforts to obtain the best possible results, and takes great pride in his work, as he should. He is an excellent researcher and a gifted writer. And, he is of the highest moral and ethical character.  I recommend Jonathan Cooper without hesitation.


Jonathan A. Dachs

Shayne, Dachs, Corker, Sauer & Dachs, LLP

Mineola, New York

I was and am very grateful for the work Jonathan did for me. I enjoyed working with Jonathan; he was patient, accessible and guided me well in my case, and ultimately helped me to get the results I was hoping for. It was a  pleasure working with him.

“Jonathan is a detail oriented, responsive and knowledgeable counsellor. He is of great value to our company.” December 25, 2007

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

Tony Shupin
hired Jonathan as a Attorney in 2005

We have retained Jonathan to assist with our trial and appellate work on several occassions, particularly with intricate legal issues. We do not hesitate to recommend his work.

December 19, 2007

Top qualities: Expert, Timely, and Great Results

kelly caputo

Jonathan not only got us the result we wanted; he exceeded our expectations. Jonathan's pedal-to-the-metal drive makes you feel that your case is equally important to him as it is to you.  He uncovered a novel and great argument to win our case,  and wasn't afraid to go toe-to-toe with some very nasty attorneys that had sued us; In fact, I got the impression that he enjoyed the challenge. On the whole, Jonathan pursued our case aggressively and intelligently, and was responsive to our questions. He remained confident even when things looked bleak to me. Although I did not know what to expect when I hired Jonathan, and this was my initial experience with litigation, my wife and I are happy we hired Jonathan. He is exactly the kind of lawyer you want, and we not hesitate to hire him again.  December 12, 2007

Top qualities:  Personable, Great Results, High Integrity

Jonathan Clenman
hired Jonathan as a Attorney in 2007

Jonathan's keen attention to every detail, and thorough knowledge of his areas of practice has netted us great results every time we've done business together.

Top qualities: High Integrity, Wonderful Results

Marc Elefant has used Jonathan as trial and appellate counsel on numerous occasions since 2006.

Jonathan is a great lawyer and we have worked together on many cases. Jonathan excels on his own cases, and is always ready to help others, including me, on our own responsibilities. He is a great sounding board, particularly for legal tactics and procedure.

December 26, 2007

James Modzelewski, partner, Podlofsky Hill Orange & Modzelewski
worked directly with Jonathan at Podlofsky & Orange