In what seems to be a global recurring story, 5 high school students drowned on a 3-day camp outing, and now the supervising school teacher is facing questioning about his possible negligence in monitoring the children.

Apparently, the five students drowned after following a camp instructor's order to jump overboard from a boat. It seems, according to the police, that the instructor misgauged how deep the water was.

Sadly, this story bears similarity to a case from last year in the U.S., where a student drowned while on a school outing to the beach.

One of the common denominators in these stories seems to be a lack of adequate adult supervision; in both cases there were scores (and in this case, over 200 students), but there was a mere handful of adults on hand. Hopefully, schools and camps will learn from this tragic incident and assure that where there is water-related activity involved to assess appropriately the dangers involved, and assure an adequate measure of adult supervision based on those dangers.

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