It's interesting how times have changed. I distinctly remember being handled a bit roughly by one of my elementary school's principals as a kid. And I wasn't alone. A lot of kids in my class had similar experiences. Undoubtedly, that was wrong. Terribly wrong.

But it never came anywhere near the school injury that happened last Friday in Bhupalpally.

According to a news report, the school headmaster physically dragged a student, causing the student to fall and sustain a head trauma that was sufficiently serious to require hospitalization.

And the reason for dragging the student? Because the student was trying to skip a class.

The headmaster explained that "it was an unfortunate incident," and further stated "I did not pull the student with intent. I didn't expect he would fall down and hurt himself."

Even giving this headmaster the benefit of the doubt (which he doesn't deserve), I don't see how he justifies manhandling a student. Put differently, how can a school justify keeping a headmaster that has assaulted one of its students? Wouldn't that amount to gross negligence by the school?

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