This may be the most absurd lawsuit against a school that I've ever seen.

In a story that was reported on a few hours ago, a father has now sued his teenage son's school for expelling his son from the high school's honor program because his son was caught cheating.

"What did the school do wrong?" you ask.

According to the teen's father, his son was only caught cheating ONCE, and the school apparently has some other written guidelines that suggest its students cannot be punished by expulsion from their honors program until they've been caught cheating TWICE.

Leaving aside the lack of legal merit of this claim (after all, would this policy be deemed a binding contract such that the school could be liable for breach of contract? Not likely.) let's consider the moral component to this argument:

According to this father, the son should be entitled - in other words, as a matter of right - to remain in an honors program because he was only caught cheating one time.

Here's another thing to consider: what message is this father trying to impart to his son? (And how does this father define the term "honor" to his children?)
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