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Ann Curry: NBC Is Guilty of Breach of Contract After Today Show Firing

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After being removed from her position as co-host of the Today Show during the summer of 2012, television news anchor Ann Curry is now alleging that NBC’s decision to remove her from that role represents a breach of contract.

Curry had served as co-host of the popular morning news show for just one year before the network decided to put her on “special assignments” instead. For news anchors, such a move is typically considered a demotion—although the network paid Curry $10 million in the process.

Now, CNN is attempting to hire Curry to replace Anderson Cooper in its 8 p.m. time slot. However, Curry’s contract with NBC contains a non-compete clause that would prohibit her from working for any other news outlet for a period of two years after leaving the network. Curry would like to be released from these terms to accept the position CNN is offering.

Unfortunately for Curry, NBC executives stated that they are not willing to release her from the contract. So, Curry is having attorneys investigate her exit options. One strategy has been to argue that her removal as co-host on the Today Show amounted to a breach of contract by NBC.

Whether NBC backs down and lets Curry go remains to be seen. However, if Curry decides to quit NBC and go to work for CNN, she herself may be in breach of contract because of the non-compete clause.

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