If you are a party to an employment contract with a company, consult with an experienced New York breach of contract attorney before accepting an additional job. If you do not carefully review the terms of your existing agreement, you may unwittingly breach the contract.


A recent New York breach of contract lawsuit involves such circumstances. Television sportscaster Trev Alberts was found to have breached his contract with CBS Sports Network when he accepted a job as athletic director at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. While Alberts did not intend to cease carrying out his obligations under the agreement with CBS, the network successfully argued that he breached the contract by accepting a second job 1,500 miles away from their New York studios and making media appearances on behalf of the University.


In all likelihood, Alberts probably thought that he could serve as an athletic director without conflicting with his job as a sportscaster. Unfortunately, the courts disagreed and held that he was guilty of a breach of New York contract.


In order to win its action asserting breach of contract in New York, CBS had to demonstrate the following:

  • There was an enforceable agreement between the network and the sportscaster.
  • CBS upheld its end of the contract.
  • Alberts breached the agreement by accepting a job 1,500 miles away that would not allow him to be available to the network on a full-time basis.
  • Alberts breached the agreement by making media appearances on behalf of the University.
  • CBS sustained damages as a direct result of Alberts’ breach of the agreement between the parties.


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