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Broken Promises: Rihanna’s Finance Manager Sued for Breach of Contract

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When entering into a New York contract, both parties must be certain that they can meet the promises they are agreeing to. A failure to uphold one party’s end of the bargain could lead to a New York breach of contract action. In a real life example of this situation, popular singer Rihanna has filed suit against her former financial manager, Berdon LLP. In the lawsuit, she alleges that the company failed to uphold its obligation to properly manage her finances as outlined in the agreement between the parties.

What will Rihanna have to prove in order to succeed in her claim?

  • That the agreement between herself and Berdon LLP was valid and enforceable.
  • That Rihanna fulfilled all of her obligations under that agreement.
  • That Berdon LLP breached the agreement by failing to properly manage her cash flow, expenses, and touring income during her 2009 “Last Girl on Earth Tour.”
  • That as a direct result of Berdon LLP’s failures, Rihanna suffered substantial financial losses.

Rihanna’s lawsuit is based on the claim that Berdon LLP’s mismanagement of her financial affairs lead to her losing millions of dollars in revenues from the 2009 tour. She further alleges that the agreement between the two parties required Berdon LLP to properly manage her cash flow, expenses, and touring income. If the company failed to do so, the court may find in her favor.

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