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Could Lance Armstrong Be on the Hook for Breach of Contract?

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Sports and business litigation are not always two topics that go hand in hand. In the world of professional athletes, however, athletics are very much tied to contractual agreements. Famed cyclist Lance Armstrong is no exception. Armstrong is said to have earned as much as 100 million in endorsement and other deals during his largely successful career. However, his confession to having used illegal performance-enhancing drugs during his races could put him at risk for many breach of contract lawsuits.

Why would an athlete be sued for breach of contract as a result of “cheating” in the athletic arena? The answer is that the agreements between the athlete and his sponsors or endorsers are very much legally binding contracts, just as any other employment agreement or contract for goods and services may be. If the other party to one of his endorsement deals were to sue him for breach of contract in New York, for example, that party could succeed in its lawsuit if it can show the following:

  1. The contract for the endorsement deal was an enforceable agreement under New York contract law.
  2. The company upheld its obligations under that agreement.
  3. By using performance-enhancing drugs, Lance Armstrong breached the terms of that agreement.
  4. The company suffered financial harm as a direct result.

Understanding when you may be entitled to a breach of contract claim in New York is not always clear. Fortunately, an experienced legal professional can help. For more information about bringing a claim in New York, contact a New York breach of contract attorney today. Call our office at (888) 497-3410 for a free consultation.

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