An incredibly brave young woman confronted a teacher who had groomed, and then molested her years earlier - and then recorded the confrontation for posterity on YouTube.

One of the saddest parts to this story is that this young woman felt that calling out this former teacher on YouTube was one of the only effective means of ending the abuse by this teacher; it strongly suggests what we already know: that the systems and protections by the schools and school districts against this kind of behavior by their faculty at the time this abuse took place was severely inadequate and broken. 

We should all be gratified that the issue of sexual abuse and molestation at schools is now receiving attention that is long overdue. And while prevention moving forward is - and certainly should be - the first order of business, the school districts should not neglect past victims of abuse. More should be done to encourage these people to come forward in order to receive the help they may need in putting these horrendous events in the proper perspective so they can lead healthier lives.

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