One of the hardest parts of handling school negligence and bullying claims is that you hear the pain of children, as well as their parents and guardians, and how they've suffered so badly. This case, which comes from outside New York, is no different.

Just last week, it was reported that a developmentally disabled high school student's legal guardians agreed to settle a long-standing lawsuit against the school Wenatchee School District that charged the District with negligence in failing to prevent the recurrence of a sexual assault against him by a student that had previously been accused of not only sexually assaulting him, but threatening him with a pistol if he ever told anyone about the incident.

Not only did the District allow this assaulting student back into the same school setting, they apparently lied to the plaintiff's guardians about it, and then the assailant resumed his threats against the plaintiff, causing further trauma.

I sincerely hope this child and family can try to put this behind them, and start moving forward toward a much happier life.


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