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Doctor Sued by Hospital for Breach of Recruitment Agreement

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It's not every day that you hear about a doctor being sued by ... a hospital. 

But that is precisely what happened when orthopaedic surgeon E. Wayne Mosley allegedly reneged on his agreement to relocate his full-time medical practice to the community served by the Heritage Medical Center. The damages, according to Heritage, are a bit unusual, in that the Medical Center guaranteed Mosley certain billables in exchange for Mosley's agreement to re-locate his practice, and if those billables fell short of that mark, to loan the difference to Mosley.

When those benchmarks weren't met, the Medical Center loaned the money to Mosley, as required by the contract; according to the Medical Center, Mosley then promptly upped and left, declaring he was leaving the country, without repaying the loans, which now total over $1 million. Thus, the Medical Center also sued Mosley for unjust enrichment.

I, for one, am fairly certain that Mosley has a decidedly different view of the facts in this case.


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