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Don’t Be Tardy: Time Obligations and Breach of Contract in New York

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Failing to fulfill obligations under a New York contract within the agreed-upon period could result in a breach. While there may be instances in which that time frame was either unclear, ambiguous, or allowed for extensions, a party to a contract is generally obligated to complete their tasks within the proscribed period. An experienced New York business litigation attorney can help assess the facts and circumstances surrounding your matter to determine whether you may have a claim.  

As an example, investors in a movie directed by Terrence Malick recently filed a breach of contract lawsuit in an attempt to recover their money. The investors allege that Malick was supposed to direct three films for them but instead became distracted by other projects. They further allege that Malick co-mingled their investment with the funds used to finance other films. They are seeking the return of their money and intellectual property, in addition to lost profits. 

In order to succeed with this New York breach of contract claim, the investors will have to demonstrate:

  • That the agreement to produce the three films was enforceable under New York contract law.
  • That the investors fulfilled their obligations under the agreement.
  • That Malick breached the agreement by failing to complete the films within the agreed-upon period.
  • That the investors suffered damages as a direct result of Malick’s delay in producing the finished films.

For more information about whether a contract has been breached, contact an experienced New York business litigation lawyer today. Call our office at (888) 497-3410 for a free consultation.

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