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Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite: Filing a Breach of Contract Claim in NY

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In a recent New York court filing, 56-year-old Yvonne Rollins, a resident of Spring Valley, New York, alleged that InterContinental Hotels Group committed a breach of contract by failing to protect her from bedbugs while staying at a North Carolina Holiday Inn. She asserted that the hotel company breached its duty to provide her with a room free of bedbugs during her two-night stay in October 2012. She claimed to have been bitten 25 times.

You might be confused as to why Rollins could file her claim in her home state of New York, even though the hotel was in North Carolina. Fortunately for victims, parties sometimes have a choice of jurisdiction in which they can file a breach of contract suit. New York has a “long-arm” statute outlining various actions that lead to a court having the ability to exercise jurisdiction over a defendant.

When making a determination as to whether a company such as InterContinental Hotels Group can be sued for breach of contract in New York, the court will consider numerous factors, including:

  • Was the contract between the parties negotiated in New York?
  • Was there a choice-of-law clause in the agreement?
  • Does the defendant have an ongoing contractual relationship in New York?

Bringing a breach of contract action against a large, multistate corporation requires the experience and knowledge of a qualified legal professional. For more information about bringing a claim in New York, contact an experienced New York breach of contract attorney today. Call our office at (888) 497-3410 for a free consultation.

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