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Garth Brooks Wins $500,000 in Breach of Contract Lawsuit

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In an story that was reported on late yesterday, an Oklahoma jury sided with country music star Garth Brooks, finding that the hospital to which he had donated $500,000 had broken their word to him, and therefore had to return the money.

While at first blush this might look a bit unseemly from the singer's vantage point - after all, we are talking about charity - some perspective is in order.

After losing his mother to cancer in 1999, Mr. Brooks approached the hospital about making a donation in her memory. And, after several discussions with the head of the hospital, they agreed on his donation funding the building of a new women's center. But after graciously accepting Brooks's money, the hospital never built the women's center; instead, they allocated the funds for other purposes.

Irate and hurt at the insult to his mother's memory, Brooks sued the hospital in breach of contract

And not only did he win, the jury was sufficiently angered by the hospital's actions that they are now deciding on how much punitive damages to award to Mr. Brooks.

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