As you may know, I am the proud father of six (6) wonderful children. At the present time, the older 4 take the standard yellow buses to and from school.

And, if you've ever been to a bus stop - or even stopped behind a bus - you've probably seen at least one or more cars ignoring those bus stop signs that are automatically engaged when the bus engages its parking signal.

Given the frequency with which I've observed this, my guess is that most of these people who have flouted these stop signs aren't bad people; they're just in a rush.

And that makes me nervous, because it means you're talking about a sizable percentage of the population.

So, I came across this article earlier, and thought it was worth sharing. In a pilot program in Texas, two school districts have added surveillance cameras to the stop arms on some buses. The school district hasn't been shy about letting the public know about these cameras, or that they are sharing the information with the local police department.

Even without any traffic laws allowing the ticketing of drivers based on this video footage (yet), this program does look promising as a means to prevent school bus injuries.

Don't you agree?

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