Kid being Bullied

I really hope this isn't true

But if any of my own experiences are a guide, it wouldn't surprise me if it were true.

Here are the disturbing claims:

Parents of a half-Korean, half-Latino teen have sued their son's school district, claiming they were at fault for their son's suicide. According to the lawsuit, the teen was repeatedly called repugnant slurs denigrating his unusual mixed heritage and his weight. He was also partially disabled and receiving special education services (and therefore, an easier target for bullying).

The parents contend that they repeatedly complained about the bullying, but their complaints fell on deaf ears, as school officials denied ever witnessing any of the alleged bullying.

From my perspective, here's the most disturbing part about this bullying lawsuit:

One of the teachers and football coaches said that the teen "should do everyone a favor and shoot himself."

If any part of this complaint is true (and, given the unusual level of detail in the allegations, I must admit that I tend to believe them), I really hope this school gets nailed for this bullying issue.

Quite frankly, I think that is the only way the culture at that school may ever change for the better. If the school is held responsible for the death of this child due to the emotional stress of being bullied that would send a strong message to teachers and children at other schools that this cannot go on any more.

If you have been bullied in school, know someone who is being bullied or have a child who has been the victim of bullying please share this post so others can know the dangers of this type of mental assault.

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