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Man Sues Wife for Fradulent Inducement Into Marriage - and Wins?!?

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Just when you thought you had seen it all, a news story pops up and lets you know that you DEFINITELY HAVE NOT SEEN IT ALL.


In a news story that came out on November 2, it was reported that a Chinese man sued his ex-wife, claiming she fraudulently induced him into marrying her. That certainly sounds strange enough; but it gets better.


He simply could not accept that he had fathered "such an ugly child," and therefore divorced his wife, accusing her of having an affair. When paternity tests came back confirming that the husband was indeed the father of this "ugly" child, the ex-wife let out a "little" secret:


She had over $100,000 worth of plastic surgery before they had met to improve her appearance.


Enraged at this discovery, the husband turned around and sued his ex-wife, claiming she duped him into marrying her under false pretenses.




The saving grace in all of this? The lawsuit didn't happen in New York. (And if it had, I am happy to say, I am certain the case would have been dismissed).

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