In a recent lawsuit filed in Tennessee, country music superstar Randy Travis has been sued by his ex-wife and manager for alleged breach of contract. Despite being divorced, the couple had entered into post-divorce management contract in 2010. Randy Travis’s ex-wife claims that he intentionally interfered with her ability to perform her job, as well as undermined the effectiveness of his own career.

Former spouses are certainly permitted to enter into binding contracts with each other. While the circumstances involving Mr. Travis and his ex-spouse may be unique, the fact that she continued to act as manager of his music career following their divorce does not render the contract invalid. If you executed a contract with a former spouse and feel that he or she may be in breach of the agreement, consult with a New York business litigation attorney to evaluate the potential for a claim of breach of contract.

If Ms. Travis were able to bring her claim under New York contract law, she would be required to demonstrate many facts in support of her position. In order to prove breach of contract in New York, a party must show:
  • That there was an enforceable agreement.
  • That the plaintiff fulfilled its obligations under that agreement.
  • That the defendant breached the agreement.
  • That the plaintiff sustained damages as a direct result of the defendant’s failure to fulfill its obligations under the contract.

If you suspect that an ex-spouse—or other party—is in breach of an enforceable agreement, you may be entitled to protections under New York contract law. Since the facts and circumstances surrounding every potential claim are unique, it is essential that you consult with an experienced New York breach of contract attorney for guidance. 

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