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One Way to Avoid a Breach of Contract Lawsuit in New York

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Much has been written and said about the different types of breach of contract cases and how to prove a breach of contract claim under New York law.

But what are some ways to avoid being sued for breach of contract in the first instance?

Here's one radical (yet simple) idea:

When you've messed up, admit it, apologize, and then fix it.

And that's exactly what a contractor who just did some work for me did. When the patio he had laid for me had puddles of water forming on it in the rain, he came back (when he said he would), took one look and said: "This isn't right. I have to fix this."

A few days later, he did just that.

Here's the bonus: not only has he avoided a potential claim (not that I intended to sue him), but he has now lined up at least two more potential jobs based upon the glowing recommendation my wife and I gave him, particularly because he not only did good work, but he acted with integrity.

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