This is a truly sad story. Unfortunately, it's also not that uncommon; or, at least not as uncommon as we'd think it would be.

After being subjected to repeated - and intensifying - bullying, an 11 year-old boy's parents felt compelled to move to a different county just to get their son into a safer situation at school.

"Why did they have to move?" you ask.

Because the school administration not only ignored their repeated requests to take measures to protect their son (the teachers also ignored this 11 year-old boy's many complaints), but they also did nothing to help him transfer out of the school to a different one within the county.

And now, after suffering mild concussions while slammed against the concrete by his bulliers, this boy suffers from stress-induced nosebleeds and suicidal thoughts, according to mental health professionals.

While I certainly agree that litigation on the whole is too rampant, there are school negligence cases that should be brought. This is one such case.

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