This is horrifying.

In a news story that was reported earlier today, a primary school teacher allowed his students to share a needle for the purpose of drawing blood. Apparently, the teacher is a diabetic, and the school children were fascinated by how he would check his blood glucose level by drawing blood from his finger. He then encouraged them to share a needle when pricking themselves.

Recognizing the manifest health concern that this posed, the Education Department notified the parents of these children, and asked them to get those children tested for possible blood-related diseases. Here's one other aspect to the story that I find rather disturbing: the teacher wasn't fired.

While I understand that we should be leery of depriving someone of their livelihood, the primary and paramount concern is always the children's safety - or at least it should be. And, even giving this teacher the benefit of the doubt, this lapse of judgment is, to be blunt, way too big to be allowed to continue teaching in a classroom.
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