In a recent Manhattan State Supreme Court filing, residents of the Upper East Side condominium building the Leonori filed a New York breach of contract lawsuit against a subsidiary of telecommunications giant AT&T. Residents, including actor Samuel L. Jackson, allege that the company failed to live up to its agreement with the condominium by not installing its own electricity supply line and meter. Instead, the company continued to use the power supplied by the condominium for the past 20 years. The residents claim that as a result, they have paid approximately $750,000 in electricity costs that were rightfully owed by the company.

In order to succeed in their claim against the company, residents of the Leonori must demonstrate several facts. These include:

  • That the 1992 agreement between the Leonori and the company was valid and enforceable under New York contract law.
  • That under the terms of the agreement, the company was required to install its own electricity supply line and meter.
  • That the company failed to install the line and meter, and by doing so did not fulfill its obligations under the agreement.
  • That the residents of the Leonori lived up to all of their obligations under the agreement.
  • That as a result of the company’s failure to install the electricity supply line and meter, residents of the Leonori suffered damages.

The residents of the Leonori feel that their damages are obvious given that they have paid the company’s electric bill for the past 20 years. The Manhattan State Supreme Court will have to review the facts and circumstances surrounding the agreement to determine whether there was in fact a breach of a New York contract.

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