After seeing scores, if not hundreds, of cases involving school negligence, you would think that there would be nothing - or almost nothing - that would still surprise you. But, every once in a while a case comes along that forces you to do a double-take because the facts seem so bizarre.

Granted, there are many, many details from this school negligence case that are still missing. And, from the limited information available, it sounds like it was an interesting science experiment. However, as I'm sure most people would also agree, the notion that a high school student would purposely be set on fire as part of a science experiment is certainly troubling, and certainly leads to the perception that some necessary safety precautions either weren't in place in the first instance, or, even if these precautions were on the books, it looks like they weren't followed.

As any "I Love Lucy" fans would attest, this school's got some explaining to do.

Simply put, I cannot conjure any scenario where a parent wouldn't be shocked to learn that their child had been set on fire during class as part of an experiment.

Could you imagine a time where New York's schools entrances would bear the sign: "Enter at Your Own Risk?" It certainly seems like some are (effectively) already doing so.

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