Teacher Abuses Child

If you were looking for the paradigm of when a school must fire a teacher, this is it.

The video (you can see the video by clicking on the picture above) is most disturbing, and, not surprisingly, the school's initial, knee-jerk response to inform the parents that this "was no big deal" is, on one level, perhaps even more distressing than teacher's assault of this 6 year-old student.

"Why do I say that?" you ask.

Because if the school truly views this incident as "no big deal," the problems at the school are not limited to the one teacher; the problem is institution-wide.

And the fact that the school was only willing to mete out a 10-day suspension in the face of videographic evidence of this teacher assaulting one of its students is, for lack of a better term, OUTRAGEOUS.

Guess what?

This teacher is a lawsuit waiting to happen, because whether she remains employed at this school, or any other, that school will have a very hard time countering the evidence that they knew, or should have known, in the exercise of due diligence, that this person has no business teaching, or being near children.

And the sad part is, absent the fear of a lawsuit, chances are that nothing would change.

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