Testimony in the New York breach of contract action brought by Marist College against James Madison University has come to a close. The College filed suit against James Madison University when the school hired Matt Brady, the former head coach of men’s basketball at Marist. The College alleges that Brady violated his contract by continuing to contact four players whom he had recruited for Marist. In its defense, James Madison University officials argue that they did not know that the players Brady brought with him were Marist recruits. The testimony was heard at the state Supreme Court in Poughkeepsie on May 8.

As in any breach of New York contract claim, in order to succeed Marist will have to prove that:
  • There was an enforceable agreement between the College and Brady.
  • Marist fulfilled its obligations under the contract.
  • Brady breached the contract by contacting the players he had recruited for Marist after leaving his job at the school.
  • Marist sustained damages as a direct result.

Brady likely should have consulted with an experienced New York breach of contract lawyer before making the alleged contact with the Marist recruits. Had he done so, the attorney could have advised him as to whether such contact would violate the terms of his contract with the College.

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