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Tortious Interference in New York: Stealing Musicians Can Get You Sued

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Tortious interference with a contract is not an easy claim to prove under New York law. While the elements of the cause of action are similar to those of a breach of contract matter, they are not entirely the same. Fortunately, an experienced New York business litigation lawyer can help you gather the right evidence to support your claim following such interference. A real-life example of this type of claim currently is alleged by a music management company over former employees’ interference with two of their clients. The result is a lawsuit claiming tortious interference.

In the lawsuit, the company, Bill Silva Management, is suing Thomas Gates and Ryan Chisholm, claiming the two men conspired to steal two of its clients: the band “Good Old War” and pop singer Christina Perri. The company alleges in its complaint that Ms. Perri has been under contract since the summer of 2010 and Good Old War since 2011. Mr. Gates and Mr. Chisholm were employed as managers of the two musical acts until their resignation in November 2012.

If this claim was filed in a New York court, Bill Silva Management would need to prove the following in order to succeed on a tortious interference of contract claim:

  • A valid contract existed between Bill Silva Management, Christina Perri, and Good Old War.
  • Mr. Gates and Mr. Chisholm knew about these contracts.
  • Mr. Gates and Mr. Chisholm, purposely and without justification, caused Christina Perri and Good Old War to breach their agreement with Bill Silva Management.

Tortious interference claims in New York may be subject to time limitations. To prevent your opportunity for pursuing legal action from expiring, contact a New York business litigation attorney today. Call our office at (888) 497-3410 for a free consultation.

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