In Virginia, like many other jurisdictions, rules banning bullying have been on the books for quite some time. After some soul searching, however, the legislature decided that a critical element needed to stem bullying was missing:  

A clearer definition of bullying, so everyone would know what conduct was prohibited

A positive step to be sure, but standing alone, is - at least in my view - completely inadequate.

That being said, there was one aspect to the definition that caught my eye, and was very promising: their use of the term "target" instead of "victim." 

Here's why I like it:

The term "target"  more accurately and concretely conveys the reality of what is transpiring, and, unlike "victim," doesn't diminish the person on the receiving end of the bullying. As a corollary to that, I think this term appropriately and naturally broadens the scope of what constitutes bullying to where it really belongs.

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