Today's New York Daily News is reporting that Victoria's Secret has been sued for inducing the Chinese supplier for a New York and New Jersey-based shoe company to break its 25 year relationship with the shoe company in favor of an exclusive deal with Victoria's Secret. Now, let's not be naive; the reason the story is being reported upon is because of the named defendant - Victoria's Secret - and because anything that invokes their name - particularly if it even has the scent of a scandal - will sell. But, the article does have some educational value, however. Although the article doesn't spell it out, it actually sets forth some of the essential elements of a tortious interference with contract claim under New York law, pointing out that the plaintiff seeks to recover by dint of Victoria Secret's acts of inducing the Chinese shoe makers to end their contract with Valley Lane, and how this act cost the plaintiffs in excess of $20 million in damages.

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