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Why A-Rod Won't Get an Injunction of his Suspension from MLB

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In the aftermath of the arbitrator's decision to uphold Major League Baseball's ban - at least to extent of barring Alex Rodriguez from playing for the entire 2014 season - A-Rod indicated that he intended to file for an injunction aimed at preventing the ban from going into effect until his full case (that the arbitrator not only erred, but abused his discretion in reaching his decision) is heard. 

A-Rod's application for an injunction will be D.O.A.

Here's why:

One of the chief reasons - and conditions precedent - for an injunction is that monetary damages cannot make you whole. And that element is clearly lacking here, because if A-Rod were ultimately to prevail and prove that the arbitrator abused his discretion (which is unlikely), he could still recoup his losses with a monetary judgment.

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