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Why Cheryl Cole's Breach of Contract Claim Against X-Factor Will Fail

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Earlier today, it was reported that Cheryl Cole has sued the X-Factor for breach of contract, claiming she is still owed millions of dollars on her agreement.


I highly doubt this case will get anywhere. And the reasons are several.


As a threshold matter, granted, this case was brought in California, but I doubt the result will be much different than if this case were brought in New York. Here's why:


1) She was already paid $1.8 million when they axed her. And, given the amounts of money involved, I find it incredibly hard to believe that with all of the lawyers involved, that she didn't have to sign something waiving her right to any future claims in exchange for receiving that $1.8 million. I am also equally certain that there had to be a provision in her contract allowing the show to fire her at any time they saw fit.


2) I can't imagine many people in this economic climate being terribly sympathetic to a star who is "only" getting $1.8 million for her short stint as a judge on a TV show.

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