A non-compete agreement cannot be ignored when leaving one position to move to a new position at a possibly competing company. Employment hiring or termination contracts often include details regarding future jobs you may hold should you leave that company, including: the type of company for which you can work, how far away the new position must be from your previous place of employment, and how long you must wait before moving to a new company. Violating the terms of a non-compete agreement can leave you in breach of contract. 

How, then, can you use experience from a previous job to move on to another? Wouldn’t it benefit you to take your experience as a computer salesman to move into a potentially better position as a software salesman? Why should you be required to start selling cars, move to a new state, or wait two years before taking a new position in your line of work? 

New York non-compete agreements are included in contracts to protect a company from employees leaving, and potentially taking other employees with them, to a competing company and using trade secrets to illegally benefit themselves or the new company.

You shouldn't have to move, wait, or change career paths simply because of a non-compete agreement with a former company. If you are concerned about what kind of job or company you can work for after leaving an employer, then contact the Law Offices of Jonathan M. Cooper. The experienced New York business lawyer can help ensure you are within your legal rights and obligations in your pursuit for new employment. You may also benefit from reading his free book, 3 Reasons That Your Employment Agreement May Not Be Worth The Paper It's Printed On.