The answer to this question is best understood by providing one simple example (although there are certainly more) that contrasts the standard method of starting a case - which is employed by nearly all attorneys in the New York State courts - with the electronic filing method that we use.

Under the standard method of filing a case, the attorney must print out several copies of the summons and complaint and submit them to his clerical service, often by mail. The clerical service must then take the papers back to their office, together with the check payable to the County clerk, and get the papers approved and entered by the County clerk. Once the papers are approved, the payment can get processed, and an index number is assigned to the case. At that point, one copy of the papers is then returned to the clerical service, who then brings back this stamped copy to the attorney so that additional copies can be served on the defendants. This process often takes 2 to 3 weeks, and the clerical service charges for their time and effort as well.

In stark contrast, with electronic filing, the summons and complaint is filed almost instantaneously with the court with the click of a button, and without the need for a clerical service. Moreover, the court e-mails the attorney a receipt providing conclusive proof as to the time and date it was filed. In our experience, this is to the advantage of all our clients - regardless of whether it is a small business or commericial litigation matter, a personal injury accident case, or a defective products lawsuit.
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