With very few exceptions, most defendants do not simply admit guilt without a fight in a New York tortious interference lawsuit. Instead, the defendant in such a claim likely will try to disprove the plaintiff’s allegations or assert a defense to escape liability. Winning a tortious interference claim in New York requires the knowledge and guidance of an experienced business litigation attorney.

Tortious interference claims play out in everyday life in many ways. One example is the recent case between a talent management company and its former employees. The company alleges that two former employees tortiously interfered with its contracts with the clients. The defendant in a New York tortious interference claim, such as the employees in this matter, could assert any of the following in an attempt to avoid liability:

  • The contract between the talent management company and the musicians was not valid under New York law.
  • The employees were not aware of the contract between the company and the musicians.
  • The employees were economically justified to cause the musicians to breach their contract with the company.
  • The actions of the employees were not the actual cause of the breach of the agreement between the company and the clients.
  • The company did not suffer any damages as a result of the breach.
  • The interference was inadvertent and not intentional.

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