When a breach of a New York non-compete agreement occurs, the other party to the contract may pursue legal action against you. This can be a frightening and overwhelming time, especially when the party suing you is a major corporation. It is essential that you seek the guidance of a New York business litigation attorney with experience handling non-compete agreement lawsuits to defend you.

Understanding what to expect can make the process seem less scary. If you are sued for breach of a non-compete agreement by your former employer, you can expect one of the following outcomes to occur:

  • The provision may be found invalid under New York contract law, and the court may refuse to enforce its terms against you.
  • The court may decide to rewrite the terms of the non-compete agreement and require you to abide by the rewritten terms. Under these new, more reasonable terms, you may no longer be in violation of the agreement and, therefore, your former employer would not have a cause of action against you.
  • The court may refuse to enforce the non-compete agreement in New York for other reasons—for example, if you were fired without cause.
  • The court may determine that you did not violate the terms of the non-compete, regardless of whether the provision is enforceable or not.

Your best chance of successfully defending yourself against allegations of a breach is to have the right New York non-compete agreement attorney working in your corner. For more information, call our office today at (888) 497-3410. We are happy to offer a free consultation to our potential clients.