A non-compete clause is usually included in a contract that a new employee must sign before he or she begins to work with a new company. It is added to protect the company’s investment in training its employees and protects it from competing companies who may be trying to steal its best employees.

While the specifics may vary, the typical New York non-compete clause involves the following topics:
  • Duration: This is how long an employee has to wait before moving to what is seen as a competing company.
  • Geography: An agreement will define the range that a company’s business covers. This is the area in which the non-compete agreement is in effect. 
  • Contacts: The clause often states that an employee can’t take his clients, leads, or customers to a competing company. 
  • Services: Within the time and range stated, a former employee cannot perform the same services that he was involved with for the previous company.
  • Advertising: The clause will probably state that the former employee can’t promote the products or services of a competing company.

If you’re trying to move to a new company, you may have some questions about how the New York non-compete law affects you. Before giving up on a great opportunity with a new company, and definitely before getting yourself into trouble, contact a New York business lawyer to see how a non-compete clause can affect your life. Get a free consultation from the Law Offices of Jonathan M. Cooper, and order your free copy of 3 Reasons That Your Employment Agreement May Not Be Worth The Paper It's Printed On.