Recently, New York State's Education Law was amended, and now it defines harassment and bullying (and cyberbullying) as follows:

Section 11.

"Harassment"  and  "bullying" shall mean the creation of a hostile
  environment by conduct or by threats, intimidation or  abuse,  including
  cyberbullying, that (a) has or would have the effect of unreasonably and
  substantially  interfering  with  a  student's  educational performance,
  opportunities or benefits, or mental, emotional or physical  well-being;
  or  (b)  reasonably  causes  or  would reasonably be expected to cause a
  student to fear for his or her physical safety; or (c) reasonably causes
  or would reasonably be expected to cause physical  injury  or  emotional
  harm  to  a  student;  or  (d) occurs off school property and creates or
  would foreseeably create a risk of  substantial  disruption  within  the
  school  environment,  where it is foreseeable that the conduct, threats,
  intimidation or abuse might reach school property.  Acts  of  harassment
  and bullying shall include, but not be limited to, those acts based on a
  person's  actual  or  perceived  race,  color,  weight, national origin,
  ethnic  group,  religion,   religious   practice,   disability,   sexual
  orientation, gender or sex. For the purposes of this definition the term
  "threats,  intimidation  or  abuse"  shall include verbal and non-verbal
    8. "Cyberbullying" shall mean harassment or  bullying  as  defined  in
  subdivision  seven  of  this section, including paragraphs (a), (b), (c)
  and (d) of such subdivision, where such harassment  or  bullying  occurs
  through any form of electronic communication.
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