Although this is an extremely broad question, and will vary greatly depending on the nature of the product involved, it still remains an important one. In order to give you the best feel for the types of questions you should anticipate, I suggest that you read a few sample transcripts of depositions I conducted and defended involving defective products, a copy of which I've made available for the public's easy reference.

That being said, I will still endeavor to answer this question briefly. Naturally, you will be asked about your background information and to detail how your incident occurred. You will also be asked about the medical treatment you received for your injuries sustained in your accident. In this respect, depositions in defective products cases are essentially the same as standard negligence cases.

They differ, and are more detailed, however, in that you are likely going to be asked about the chain of custody of the product from the date of purchase until the time of your deposition, in order to confirm that the product was and remains intact, and thereby assure that any post-accident testing would be reliable. Additionally, you may be asked what literature you read about the product before purchasing or using it, such as advertisements, instructions or warnings. Although most, if not all, of these issues should be discussed in your initial consultation with your attorney, they should be reviewed a second time when meeting with your attorney to prepare for your deposition.
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