One common cause of contract disputes in New York is unclear terms or provisions. Even when the parties think there is a clear understanding at the time of entering into the agreement, it may later become apparent that there is a difference of opinion with regard to some or all of the terms of the contract. An unclear clause in a contract may not make the entire agreement unenforceable. Unfortunately, however, this could create a need for involving a New York court to interpret the unclear terms.

If you are a party to an agreement with unclear terms, consider taking the following actions:

  • Contact an experienced New York breach of contract lawyer for guidance.
  • Gather copies of the agreement and all supporting materials for your attorney to review.
  • Outline the differences in opinion as to the contract terms or provisions.
  • Gather evidence as to the customs, practices, and terminology generally understood and used in this particular field or business.
  • Provide your attorney with a picture of all the circumstances surrounding the agreement.

When the terms of a contract are interpreted differently both parties, much is at stake for everyone involved. In addition, plaintiffs must pay careful attention to statutes of limitation if they believe the other party to the contract is in breach of the New York agreement. To learn more about a breach of contract claim involving an ambiguous provision, contact a New York business litigation attorney today. Call our office at (888) 497-3410 for a consultation.