Sometimes, the breach of a New York contract goes unnoticed by the other party to the agreement. For example, the parties to a recent New York lawsuit claim that a subsidiary of AT&T breached its contract with the Upper East Side building the Leonori 20 years ago when it failed to install its own electricity supply line and meter. The discovery was not made until the summer of 2011. When that happens, it can potentially jeopardize the right to bring a claim under New York contract law due to time restraints imposed by statutes of limitations. Therefore, regardless of how long the breach has been happening, it is vital that you take the following actions upon discovering a potential breach of contract:

  • Contact an experienced New York breach of contract attorney immediately for guidance in bringing a claim and protecting your legal rights.
  • Obtain copies of the agreement between the parties.
  • Assemble any evidence that documents your claim that a breach has taken place.
  • Gather information that supports your claim as to how you discovered the breach was taking place.
  • Gather any information that supports a finding that you suffered damages as a direct result of that breach.
  • Put together copies of all written communications between the parties relating to the agreement and the alleged breach.
  • Generate a timeline of events relating to the agreement and the alleged breach.
  • Assemble supporting information that verifies you lived up to your obligations under the agreement.

Once you have taken the step of contact an experienced legal professional, he or she will assist you in taking any additional actions relating to your rights under the agreement. The Manhattan State Supreme Court will determine whether residents of the Leonori have an enforceable claim against AT&T.

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