Whether you are accused of violating an executive compensation agreement, a non-compete agreement, or other employer agreement, it is essential that you contact an experienced New York breach of contract lawyer immediately. When an employer brings a lawsuit against an employee, the company may have access to significant legal resources. Therefore, it is vital to have a legal professional in your corner to protect your legal rights.

Before meeting with the New York business litigation lawyer, you should gather the following information:
  • Copies of all employment agreements
  • Summary of the facts and circumstances surrounding the alleged breach
  • Copies of all correspondence with the company or its attorneys relating to the alleged breach
  • Copies of all court documents related to the alleged breach

During the meeting, the attorney will gather information surrounding the alleged breach of contract and make recommendations as to what steps should be taken next. The attorney will also:
  • Evaluate whether the statute of limitations for a breach of contract claim has expired.
  • Consider whether or not to negotiate for a settlement.
  • Discuss potential remedies, such as rescission or reformation.
  • Determine whether there is potential for any counter-claims against the employer, such as where the employer made it impossible for the employee to uphold the terms of the contract.

Responding to the news of the lawsuit before consulting your legal representative could harm your case. This is because your statements may be used against you at trial. Therefore, the best course of action upon receiving notice of the lawsuit is to engage legal counsel.

For more information about employer breach of contract claims, contact a New York breach of contract attorney at (888) 497-3410.