Being involved in a non-compete case can be difficult for all parties involved. There are lots of details to figure out, including where exactly the case can be heard. Asking where you can argue a New York non-compete lawsuit might not sound like an intelligent question, but there are several factors that go into where exactly the case can be heard. 

The plaintiff can decide where he wants to bring the lawsuit, and as long as it is a reasonable location, the courts will more than likely hear the case. The location will probably inherently make sense with where the plaintiff lives and works, but there are criteria that affect where the case can and can’t be heard.

  • Burden to the New York courts: The courts don’t have to go out of their way.
  • Burden to the defendant: The case can’t be outside reasonable range.
  • Possible alternative locations
  • Location of the plaintiff and defendant.
  • Location of the events involved in the case.

The case will probably be heard where it’s originally filed because it’s probably relevant to the area, and the criteria above aren’t always perfectly clear. But the most important question is: “Where does it make sense for the case to be heard?” 

Figuring out the details of filing or defending against a New York non-compete agreement case can be a confusing and difficult time. If you have any questions regarding where your case can or can’t be heard, contact a New York business lawyer at The Law Offices of Jonathan M. Cooper. Be sure to schedule your free consultation, and order your complimentary copy of 3 Reasons That Your Employment Agreement May Not Be Worth The Paper It's Printed On.