While I do not believe that immigrants should be compelled to speak English as a matter of public policy, I think there is an important caveat to that rule: if you want to drive any type of vehicle on U.S. roads, you MUST first understand the signs and the rules of the road.

In an article that appeared yesterday, it was reported that a driver ran through a children's school bus's stop signal, and then proceeded to hit a 16 year-old girl, who was launched into the air and onto her hood. Predictably, the girl has now sued to recover damages for her personal injuries stemming from this auto accident.

But what was not predictable was the driver's response to the police officer at the accident scene:  she didn't know that the sign meant she had to stop.

Simply put, once public safety is implicated, it is clear that this issue trascends debate about people's sensitivites. And that is - or should be - beyond debate.
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