Earlier today, I had one of the most gratifying experiences of my legal career.

While I've certainly settled New York auto accident cases before, and I've likewise resolved many cases on behalf of injured children, this case was different.

In this case, a young child suffered a badly fractured leg, which ultimately required surgical correction when he was hit by a car in front of his New York City school. How did this happen?

After being sent to a designated waiting room for parents to pick up these children who were no older than 7 or 8, my client, together with one of his friends, was able to sneak out of the room, down a 100' hallway, out the front doors of the school and into the street for a game of tag - and they were able to do so completely undetected by the school. You know why? Because the school had only one person watching over several classes worth of children in that room, and that monitor became distracted. And the school had no one stationed in the hallway to stop him or his friend.

Even worse, this was not the first time that children had been able to sneak out of that room and off of school grounds during school hours. But the school never did anything to correct the problem.

The school was negligent.

After years of waiting and wading through the New York court system, today this child's settlement, which provided him with a large amount of financial security the likes of which he has never seen in his life, will be his once he turns 18. This sweet young boy promised both the judge and me that he will use the money wisely, and only after consulting his parents.

As we were leaving the courthouse, he flashed a big smile, and gave his father and me a big hug. Sometimes, I really enjoy what I do.
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