While that quotation from a school principal in response to the drowning of one of his students immediately outside school grounds is indeed shocking, it begs the question: what on Earth was he doing in this job to begin with? Someone who clearly cares so little about the children in his charge should have no business coming near the job of a school principal, don't you think?

His other comments about the nature of the school's (lack of) supervision are equally telling:

"We don't know whether he had attended school or not. He might have gone to the stream directly from school. Their class teacher was on leave and there was no replacement. The class monitor might have taken their attendance ... we can't force them to remain in the school premises, until and unless they are scared of us."

Amazingly, from the article it appears that no disciplinary action will be taken against the principal. Apparently, in that part of the world there is no enforceable doctrine of school negligence or negligent supervision. Because, quite frankly, this case fits the bill to a "T."

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