As a parent, you're often confronted with the double-edged sword that sporting activities present for children: on the one hand, they are an important part of a child's growth and physical fitness; on the other hand, there are risks inherent in sporting activities, particularly with regard to injuries, both orthopaedic injuries as well as the risk of traumatic brain injuries, or concussions. (For more on how sports-related activities and injuries are handled under New York law, please see "Play at Your Own Risk: A Valid Legal Concept Under New York Law?").

With regard to the latter catagory, the question you're faced with is at what point to be concerned about a concussion or traumatic brain injury. So, if your child has sustained a blow to the head, here's a list of symptoms that should alert you that medical attention is required for your child:

  • if the child is acting abnormally (for him/her)
  • is vomiting or nauseous
  • is complaining of headaches
  • seems stunned, out of sorts,confused or dazed
  • is having trouble with his/her balance
  • loses consciousness, even for an extremely short duration
  • either can't remember, or has trouble remembering things that occurred either before or after the incident
  • complains of double or blurred vision
  • is abnormally sensitive to either light or noise

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